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Off Darby Street, Cooks Hill

This bike rider had her vintage one speed bike done up for her by her boyfriend. I really like the wicker basket she has …

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Fashionista cyclist

This is my daughter with her bike. Although she doesn’t live in Newcastle anymore, she is a Novocastrian, so I thought she deserved a mention here.

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Cool One Speed

This very cool one speed was being ridden along the unlikely streets of Adamstown. Its owner told me the frame is vintage and the rest is all new. I am particularly impressed with the white chain and the racy-looking blue … Continue reading

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Cargo bikes

There are now a few cargo bikes around Newcastle. Great to see as they open up the possibilities of transporting kids, groceries, finds at council clean up sites, beach gear etc. I’ve seen them used for all those purposes recently.

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Riding to the John Hunter Hospital

Riding to the JHH at 7.30am there were lots more bikes around than I see during the day, possibly due to summertime and people wanting to ride to work before the heat of the day. At the Adamstown gates there … Continue reading

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Original bike: an old Speedwell!

I saw this bike at a shopping centre recently and thought it belonged to a cool young thing as it was a one speed and very trendy looking. Imagine my surprise when its owner stepped out of a shop and … Continue reading

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