Original bike: an old Speedwell!

I saw this bike at a shopping centre recently and thought it belonged to a cool young thing as it was a one speed and very trendy looking. Imagine my surprise when its owner stepped out of a shop and told me it was his first bike ever and he’d had it since 1958! He’d had to paint it black though so it didn’t have the original transfers on it …

It’s a Speedwell and it looks like the bell is the original one



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4 Responses to Original bike: an old Speedwell!

  1. Sugar says:

    What a guy!! He’s obviously looked after his bike seeing as it definitely doesn’t look 53yrs old.

  2. Vicki II says:

    He seemed pretty proud of it Sugar! When I asked him for a picture of it with him, he put on his flattop cap and proudly posed.

  3. wollywally says:

    Vicki II first of all congratulation on your blog, my husband uncle passed away last year and he left him a penny farthing that my husband want to go to pick up, dismantle and bring back to OZ and put back together, this should be fun I reckon, 🙂 love ooxx

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