Riding to the John Hunter Hospital

Riding to the JHH at 7.30am there were lots more bikes around than I see during the day, possibly due to summertime and people wanting to ride to work before the heat of the day. At the Adamstown gates there were 8 bike riders lined up at the gates! The challenging part of the ride is this hill

but I was inspired by a lady cyclist who managed to ride most of the way up the hill before the steps, you can see her walking the steps if you look closely. It would be much easier to push the bike up if there was a bike gutter beside the steps and if a few more were willing to ride their bikes to the hospital it would ease the parking problem there.

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6 Responses to Riding to the John Hunter Hospital

  1. dramaqueen says:

    There was an article in the travel section of the Herald last saturday that was all about the bike tracks on the old railway lines up your way. Looked great!

    • Vicki II says:

      Ah, the famous Fernleigh Track, it is a great track to ride and is quite close to here. I saw that article too and for the past two weeks there have been bike riding articles in the SMH.
      Thanks for your comment Dramaqueen, the first on my blog!

    • wollywally says:

      Vickii there is a great track that start that start, from Berkley Vale and ends up in the Entrance, if sometimes you like to do an excursion this would be a great bike track for a change, šŸ™‚ love ooxx

      • Vicki II says:

        I love separate bike tracks, especially if they go through pretty scenery, the kilometers just fly by. I must come down there and have a ride with you wollywally, thanks for telling me about it. xx

  2. Alice Shaw says:

    I love places with tracks to ride your bikes. Wish we had more around here! I love being in Paris where there are designated paths for bikes which are just as important as the road areas for cars! Looking forward to reading some more, congrats on your new blog.

    • Vicki II says:

      Thanks Alice! I’d love to see more separated bike lanes too, we need them here in the city although there are some great bike tracks in the suburbs, following drains and old train tracks, Newcastle is lucky that way.

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