Bicycles in Newcastle: bike transport in Hamilton

Hamilton, being flat and quite bicycle friendly in spite of the amount of traffic there, is the site of many cyclists using Beaumont Street.

Father and son
The first gentleman I have seen riding in a suit on another occasion, he looks quite dapper on his bike.

The man with his son behind him was part of a family group cycling down the street, there was a mother and another child on her separate bike, confidently cycling through the traffic, quite safely.

I find it easy to cycle along Beaumont Street as the traffic moves quite slowly and I can easily keep up with it, so I have no fear of taking up the whole lane when cycling there, well out of range of any car doors which may be opening. If I am not keeping up with the traffic, it is not long until the car in front of me has to stop for a crossing pedestrian or a red light, I never hold up cars for more than a half block, and given that me on the bike means one less car, I think that is a positive for the traffic situation there. I much prefer to ride along Beaumont than to drive.

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