Bicycles in Newcastle: practical use for a folding bike

I saw this man with his folding bike yesterday and asked him if I could take a picture of it. He told me he was a car detailer and rides to his clients’ places, then folds his bike and puts it into the boot of the car which he then takes back to his place to work on. He also takes the bike onto buses, he showed me it folded down, into quite a small size. What a practical use for a bike!

I’ve had times when I’ve needed to take my bike with me when I have had to get work done on my car, then ride to work and have managed to do this by removing the front wheel from my bike, which at that time was a road racing bike. It was quite cumbersome by comparison with this bike and getting it in and out of the car was difficult, but I think his solution is a very smart one.

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