Bicycles in Newcastle: Babies on bikes

This picture was taken last summer at Newcastle baths and is a timely winter reminder that warm weather will be with us again in a few months! The baby seat at the back of this very well fitted out bike, a Gazelle, seemed to make its small owner very happy to be on the bike, although I think I would prefer a baby seat at the front of the bike. Another picture of the bike:

Another way of carrying a baby on a bike, this is my daughter, her son is in the carriage on the back of the bike. It detaches and can be used as a pram. The disadvantage of this setup is that it can only be used on bike tracks, not on the road I believe, but it is very comfortable for a young baby/child and the weather proof cover keeps them warm in wet or windy weather.

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3 Responses to Bicycles in Newcastle: Babies on bikes

  1. I’m so pleased to see someone maintaining a blog such as this, for our (not so) humble city. Let’s not forget, there is some money in this town, plus we made lonely planet’s top ten list of cities to visit. So we need such a blog. If I had more front, about asking people if they would be photographed, I would do the same. Keep going hu!

  2. Jess says:

    Ive only just become interested in following blogs and ive been browsing through your posts. The carriage setup does work well on roads, but is a very personal preference. It comes with a bright orange flag for visibility but does not seem to have an anchor for it anywhere… puzzling. I did buy it second hand though, and perhaps it had a clip that went missing.
    In Melbourne there were many of these being pedalled on the roads, though always on the back streets. This is a bit of an issue here in Newcastle. I find that though there are a number of bicycle paths, it is not easy or safe to access shops by them. The paths always seem to end about two or three blocks before High Traffic areas which need to be negotiated to shop…..ok on a commuter, but family transit……just about forget it. Its a shame. This Particular carriage is so well designed, it has a sturdy metal frame within the membrane encircling the seat area that will/should protect the child in case of accident (many budget brands exist which do not have this, but simply a tent-like arrangement with frame that holds up the fabric but does not provide a robust structure to the carriage), and it also has a quite roomy storage section in the back for groceries, beach stuff, picnic, etc. That all being said, I should be brave enough to take my child on the streets……. if only car doors didnt exist and drivers conveniently “popped” out through an ejection panel in the roof….

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