Bicycles in Newcastle: Charlestown

This is part of the new Charlestown Square renovation, showing the new shiny bike racks they have provided there. All empty, unfortunately. Why? Well, looking at the access to this part of the complex we can see why:

and …

Not a single bike lane. Well-directed traffic no doubt, and the area is well provided with bus lanes and buses, but nothing for bikes on the roads, although the inclusion of the bike racks indicates the intent of the designers that bikes should be a part of the city scape at Charlestown. A rather nicely designed piazza, with something of a European feel, is at the top of the stairs you can see in the second photo above, and there are some good plantings and stonework along the outside of the Square, indicating that a liveable environment was a part of the planning…

but why no infrastructure for bikes, other than the shiny bike racks?
A shot of some of the other shiny bike racks up there …

Maybe the fate of all of these racks will be in the hands of vandals and/or wayward traffic, rather than to be used by bikes. What do you think of the planning of the new Charlestown Square?

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