Bicycles in Newcastle: My original bike

Me and my bike

This is me with my first bike, a Speedwell, which I got second hand when I was 10. In fact, I got it for my tenth birthday. It was my transport when I was a child and teenager, and has sat in my parents’ garage since then, about 40 years! I am going to get it roadworthy (all it needs is tyres and a seat to do this) then try riding it as my main form of transport. If that works (I am used to having gears to help on the hills), I will add a few more things to it. It has 28″ wheels which are not common now but they can be ordered. I wanted white wall tyres but was told by the French bicycle repair man at the bike shop that they are hard to get so I am settling for black tyres. For now. I was excited to see that it has holes in the rear mudguard to add a skirt guard so that will be a definite addition if this project is successful, along with a basket, a bell and a rack. The seating position will be more comfortable than the bike I currently ride and the paint job, although mostly original, is in good condition still so I will keep it. It even has the original stickers on it!

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