Bicycles in Newcastle: Rain!

We have had three days of unrelenting rain in Newcastle, there have been very few riders out, but I was one of them. I got very wet and it was not pleasant. My bike in the rain:

I had to mind this small person

Then today I went to Sydney, just as wet there but there were a few bicycles out and about, though I didn’t see any of them being ridden

I found riding in the rain very unpleasant, I had no lights and got so wet it felt as though I would never dry off or warm up again. But riding in the rain is something we have to do at times. I found the car drivers to be quite civil though and did not get splashed by any of them, luckily, I was wet enough from the downpour! There were even a few of these, but they did not last long and disappeared as soon as the next downpour came along:

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2 Responses to Bicycles in Newcastle: Rain!

  1. Sugar says:

    You know for the three years I spent in Darwin I rode my bike to work daily and absolutely LOVED riding in the wet season Vick – it’d rain every afternoon without fail round 4.00pm…although I will say it would make me go like the clappers for fear of being hit by lightning! Maybe it was all about the fact that it wasn’t COLD and rainy though…

    • Vicki says:

      Yes I think that if the weather had been hot it would have been a pleasant experience Sugar. I really did not mind that much, but I definitely need to get pants that are water proof if I am to repeat the experience.

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