Riding the Speedwell

Even getting onto the Speedwell to ride it is easier than getting onto my more modern bike. The lower step through makes mounting it much easier and I often find myself lifting my leg much higher than I need to to step through the bike. The thicker frame of my Giant bike, as well as the cables, make it more difficult to mount easily without getting my foot caught as I step through the frame.

The very upright sitting position I find very comfortable. It also allows for better visibility, both in terms of seeing and being seen. I feel much safer and better able to look around me when riding it. I also don’t have the convenience of a side stand but am learning to lean it against posts and to use the bike lock to keep it stable. There have been times when I have come back to my other bike to find it has fallen over, and this should not happen with the better locking system I am using.

I also saw another Speedwell today in Hamilton …

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2 Responses to Riding the Speedwell

  1. ian menzies says:

    Beautiful!One of my favourite bikes in one of my favourite cities.I want to go back to there!




  2. Vicki says:

    Thanks for your comment Ian, I am glad you appreciate such a bike, I feel like royalty riding it, sitting so much higher than the other bike riders! And good to hear from a former Novocastrian too.

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