Elderly cyclist

I saw this elderly lady cycling today, she said that she had not cycled since she was a child until she got this new bike a week ago. She was inspired to get it because her daughter, grand daughter and great grand daughter all ride bikes, the youngest in a bike seat on her mother’s bike…

She told me she is 78, and was a bit wobbly when she first got onto it but now loves riding her new bike!

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2 Responses to Elderly cyclist

  1. there is another lady who I see riding along throsby creek every morning on her way to work at that Joy Cummings center near cafe 2300. I wouldn’t call her “elderly”. Past half way, might be a softer description. Anyway, she is a stalwart. And very cute, as all women on bikes are to my eye. If you see her, do ask her to stop for a photo. I would, but I am too shy.

  2. Vicki says:

    Deos that lady have a purple bike? If so, I have a pic of her, she pushed her bike to the top of the hill in Islington park and rode down it just because she said that riding down hills is fun! I hav a pic of her from behind as she is going down.

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