Hybrid bikes?

Novocastrians tend to prefer mountain bikes for some reason. I can understand this as mountain bikes are rugged and can cope with various terrains. Plus they convey an image of sportiness and practicality which I think appeals to many. Lately, however, I have seen some interesting hybrid, or makeshift bikes, like this:

and this

the milkcrate trick which I am guilty of myself from time to time.
But I was totally astounded by this:

It has two chains, one from the pedals and one from the motor. I was amazed to see it, and even more amazed later in the day to see it in action on a shared path.

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3 Responses to Hybrid bikes?

  1. peter mcnaughton says:

    I’m seeing more of the motorised bikes too, there were 3 together today near Adamstown railway gates with kids riding. I talked to a guy last week in Belmont who has a really cool one with a Nexus-8 hub, with motor and pedals on a shared drive. He suggested looking at the “Sick Bicycle Parts” website for people who are interested.

  2. Vicki says:

    I saw this one in action on the path along Throsby Creek. I also have seen groups of kids riding along on them in Adamstown, along the path that goes behind St Pius, and I think there were 3 of them so it was probably the same ones. I think they are really ugly bikes I am afraid, as well as noisy and smelly!

  3. peter mcnaughton says:

    Agreed — legs rule ! (or electric if one must ).

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