Brother bike to my Speedwell

Spotted recently in Islington, very similar to mine, stickers and all.

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7 Responses to Brother bike to my Speedwell

  1. peter mcnaughton says:

    Thanks for posting, Vicki – this one is very similar to how mine was, though it was blue, originally had a coaster brake and I’m almost certain an unsprung leather saddle and mudguards and it had the same head badge as yours. I wish there was some kind of register of these somewhere. From memory, the Speedwell and Malvern Star bikes were the most common full size bikes in my school days. Wish I still had one of those leather saddles with the Kangaroo on them 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    Mine has the rear pedal brake (I think coaster brake is an American term) and it really could be better than it is, but I am reluctant to change the hub and/or wheels as I like it to be original. I am getting good at really jumping on the brake now to bring it to a stop! I remember Malvern Stars too and have seen a few around. It’d be great to see pics of your Speedwell, are you thinking of starting a blog? That would make 3 Newcastle bike blogs that I know of ….

  3. peter mcnaughton says:

    I have an album on facebook called “Bicycle Adventures” with some pics of the area and some bikes on it, though i don’t have any fb friends from Newcastle. It’s a picture series for friends and self. My Speedwell is (by necessity) heavily altered, but you can friend request me (if you are on fb) to see it.
    Saw the braking pic in your blog, I am enjoying the Newcastle scenes too. I discovered the Behooving blog today, that’s interesting also !

    • Vicki says:

      I sent you a FB message, at least I hope it is you, it looked as though you could reside in Scotland!
      That style of braking I posted about is not what I usually do, but I did it where I needed to dismount on a downhill section and it worked. I also got ideas on how to use a backpedal brake effectively from Lets Go Ride A Bike. I’m glad you like the local pics, I’d like to get more Newcastle people following and contributing. Yesterday I had a huge increase in viewers for some reason but today it is back to the usual low levels again.

  4. peter mcnaughton says:

    I sent a pic of the Speedwell via FB, it looks as though you didn’t get it. Also sent a request. I’ve put your blog up with my favourites for easy access.
    Can I post a pic to you via this blog, (pardon my computer naivety)? If so, how ?
    I remember the braking move now, I did use a similar backpedal stand in my young days !

  5. steve says:

    Does anyone know age of this bike? I have one in gold

    • Vicki says:

      Steve, you need to find the serial number. On mine it is under the bottom bracket but they can be on the seat post too. The last two numbers can give the year in which it was made but this is not always the case.

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