I had wanted to get skirtguards for my Speedwell ever since I dragged it out of the garage and saw that it had holes in the mudguards for them. I researched into what sorts of guards were available, and thought about crocheting some, but I am not very good at crochet, so decided to order some from ANT bikes, in a style which I thought would suit the Speedwell. The ones I remember from childhood were different coloured elastic,  so finding black elastic ones made sense, they were the closest I could find to the original ones I remembered. They arrived in the post a few days ago.

You can see from this picture how they are attached, it is a bit untidy and the guard does not fit comfortably over the tube that goes down from the seat. However, in the process of fitting the guard, we found a tiny hole in each of those tubes, which seem to be there for the purpose of attaching a skirtguard, you can see one of them between the two black elastics of the guard, but much closer to the left one:

So the next step will be to work out how to use the holes to do that, so the guards fit neatly between the tube and the wheel.

The guards do look good however, they suit the bike and do not detract from the ride quality in any way,

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1 Response to Skirtguards

  1. peter mcnaughton says:

    I used a pair of copper brackets ( for holding copper water pipe ) from Bunnings to attach my mudguard stays to the narrow seat stay tube, they are fairly easy to bend round with pliers and put a small bolt through – they come in different pipe diameters. I can send you a pic if the holes you have don’t work.

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