A new project – Malvern Star

This bike is probably the same vintage as my Speedwell, as many of the components are the same and the styling is very similar. I like the rack as it reminds me of the ones that were on bikes when I was growing up, they held the Globite school bags everyone used. I also like it because it is the only thing which works on this bike without any work needing to be done on it. I have plenty of work ahead of me with this one, I hope the journey will be a rewarding one!

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3 Responses to A new project – Malvern Star

  1. peter mcnaughton says:

    love a challenge – have fun !

  2. Vicki says:

    Well, Peter, it is now your challenge now, this project is beyond my capabilities, but I look forward to watching the progress of its rehabilitation. It could make a beautiful bike and I love 28″ wheels.

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