Bike commuters in Newcastle

Most Novocastrian bike riders are utilitarian creatures at heart, they want their bike to be functional and nothing else. If they ride to work, and quite a few do, they usually ride a mountain bike with a pair of shorts on and their work clothes in a back pack on their back. It is understandable, even now in early Spring the weather is getting hot and only those with the shortest rides would arrive at work non sweaty. Or not dripping profusely.

When I had an hour ride to work I would do exactly the same, and when I got to work I would towel off in the ladies rest room and get dressed into the clothes I had brought with me or left at work the day before. There were no shower facilities at work but it did not matter, I found that as long as I had a shower before I left home and so was clean, and used deodorant at work, I was fine for the day. In fact it was very refreshing once at work and I had had a basin wash and a change of clothes and helmet hair was not a real concern for me. When I have had to ride only short distances to work I would ride in work gear and this would work very well too. I had a 25 minute ride on the flat and it was a great distance to just ride in my work clothes as well as a great way to start the day. This young lady was probably riding to work today in much the same manner:

I guess, like many cyclists, I wanted a bike that would do all the things I wanted it to, and I didn’t want the hassle of racks or a basket, so I wore a backpack which really made me more sweaty when riding to work. Getting a basket for my bike has been a great thing for carrying things and gets rid of the need for the backpack.

There are very few who like to set their bikes up for transportation it seems, though I did see this bike today, the new version of my Giant Cypress, it was a lovely mint green colour, and had a basket on the front:

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