Original bike: an old Speedwell!

I saw this bike at a shopping centre recently and thought it belonged to a cool young thing as it was a one speed and very trendy looking. Imagine my surprise when its owner stepped out of a shop and told me it was his first bike ever and he’d had it since 1958! He’d had to paint it black though so it didn’t have the original transfers on it …

It’s a Speedwell and it looks like the bell is the original one

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3 Responses to Original bike: an old Speedwell!

  1. petermc says:

    Old school bike – and rider —- love it !

  2. rob Mcilwain says:

    Hope Torana man from Bna dose`nt claim its not a Speedwell. it is but the frame was supplied by Allied. He likes to dispute that suppliers couldnt keep up with demand in the fifties. So here we have a man that actually was around then??? Time to stop Identifying bikes by paint and decals, lol

  3. rob Mcilwain says:

    And for riders in Sydney, i just donated the same frame to western Sydney bike shed at fairfield showground. Go and feel how light it is. But it had malvern star decals. (1951) but was`nt a `malvern Star` according to his royal know all `torana`. Same geometry and cut outs on head stem.

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