New bicycle infrastructure in Newcastle

There is new bicycle infrastructure in Teralba Road, Adamstown. It consists of speed humps and a dedicated cycle lane beside the speed humps.

This is part of the marked track that goes from the Adamstown end of the Fernleigh track into town. It is nice to ride along, the edges of the road have been resurfaced so the ride is smooth and any close by traffic is slowed down by the speed humps. There is also a fence that separates the pedestrian area from the car and bike traffic:

It feels safe to ride along. On the downside, there will still be car parking along the sides of the road so cyclists will still need to be aware of the car door hazard. The danger of this situation could be that cyclists will be lulled into a sense of false security along here. On the other hand, car drivers will be constantly reminded of the potential presence of cyclists and will hopefully be mindful of this when opening their car doors. I do not think car doors will pose a great danger along this road as the road is wide and not heavily trafficked.

The more difficult areas of the ride into town from Fernleigh, which need to be dealt with, are the crossing of Glebe Road at Adamstown, which is between lights and a railway crossing, and the ride along Dumaresq Street beside the race course, which, although flat and straight, is quite narrow for parked cars, bikes and car traffic. The straightness of the road also encourages cars to travel faster and the flatness encourages bike riders to travel quickly. It is indeed a training area for road bikes and in my mind quite dangerous at times. I have come the closest to being doored here that I have ever come. It will be interesting to see what is done along this stretch.

The bike crossing at City Road is the next danger point. Traffic moves fast in both directions, the crossing is beween traffic lights, and at peak hour it is difficult to cross.

Hopefully, the whole ride into town will be improved in the next few weeks in time for Ride to Work Day which is on Wednesday October 12.

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