Ride to Work Day

Ride to Work day is next Wednesday, 12th October. Here in Newcastle, there will be a free breakfast in Wheeler Place for bike commuters. If you have ever thought of riding your bike to work this is the day to start. Hopefully the streets will be full of friendly bike riding commuters all discovering what a great way it is to start their work day.

You can find a map of Newcastle bike tracks here and one of Lake Macquarie here. Look at the maps before you decide which way to ride to work and you will probably find that there is a way to follow bike tracks rather than the way you drive. You can either wear your regular work clothes or take them in a back pack and get changed at work. If you carry them (or you can take them into work the day before if you are super organised) and get changed, a wash off in the basin in the work rest rooms will suffice if there are no showers at your work. Remember to bring deodorant with you.

You can also try a mix of train and bike or car and bike if the distance you travel to work is too far to ride.

Good luck with trying this fun and economical way to get to work, it is really worth a try.

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3 Responses to Ride to Work Day

  1. RKaz says:

    Its a nice thought, but if you work somewhere rather than Newcastle CBD or start work before 9:00am it’s just not possible to attend. A weekend event would be a bigger draw-card, admittedly it can’t be called Ride to Work Day.

    • Vicki says:

      The event starts at 7am to cater for as many start times as is practical, and for those who work a little further away, the chance to join the breakfast before heading off to work.
      It will now be held next Wednesday 22nd, due to bad weather today. Same time and place.

      • RKaz says:

        Work in the North Lakes, live in the West Lakes and start a 8:00am
        Would have loved to attended. Hope the weather is better that todays.
        Maybe someother event.
        Looking forward to Loop the Lake 2015 hopefully I won’t miss that.

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