What to wear on a bike in Spring

Our Spring weather is uncharacteristically cold, windy and wet lately, making it difficult to know what to wear on the bike most days. I  needed to go to Cardiff and Glendale today and was not sure what the riding conditions would be like. When I got there I found that the bike lanes  were quite dangerous and the terrain is very hilly as well. At some points there would be a clearly defined lane which would soon practically disappear, leaving bike riders with nowhere to go, beside a busy and fast four lane road. So I resorted to the footpath.

I knew I would have to wear something that would be suitable for heavy traffic riding and for visiting. I chose a woollen jumper and a thick acrylic skirt, tights and flat leather shoes. And I took my Giant bike as the brakes are much better for dealing with unknown and hilly terrains.

This proved a successful outfit for the day, as I find tights to be more comfortable than jeans for longer rides, and although I had visions of myself with the sun beating down on me as I struggled up  long hills,  the weather did not get hot, it stayed cool and windy, quite uncharacterisitc of Newcastle October weather.

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