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First day of summer …

Although the weather here today does not reflect it, we are now officially in summer, so to celebrate, a few summery pics taken some time ago …

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Cycling to the John Hunter Hospital

These stairs on Carrington Parade link New Lambton Heights with the John Hunter Hospital, which I have to visit two times a month. The hospital is on a hill so no matter which way you approach it, there will be … Continue reading

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Bicycle infrastructure wins, and loses, in Newcastle

The new Homemaker centre at Kotara has a great new bike track going through it.It is well marked and easily accessed from both ends with lights at the main roads. It follows the drain as you can see in the … Continue reading

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Seen on Darby Street recently

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Rain …

We have now had six days straight of rain. It started out as intermittent, then became heavy and steady and relentless. Everything feels damp. Before that, we had a heatwave for two days, neither is good for cycling, though as … Continue reading

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Upgrading my Speedwell (circa 1955): Ride report

I have had a few rides on my Speedwell since it was upgraded with a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub with coaster brake, hybrid alloy wheels and Michelin Tracker reflective tyres, and I have to say that it is a … Continue reading

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Bicycle parking … some reflections

Here in Newcastle we have bicycle parking which varies from the artisticto the modernistic …and such racks are usually not full, as you can see above. Inspired by Lovely Bicycle’s latest post about bike racks, and my own experience yesterday: … Continue reading

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Beaumont St cyclist

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Adamstown becomes more bicycle friendly

The lowering of the speed limit in Adamstown centre, along with new bike racks on Brunker Road, has made the town more bike friendly …┬áThere is also new seating at the bus stop … And although when I took these … Continue reading

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More Sydney bikes

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