Night riding

There is something about riding a bike at night. It is the silence of it, as well as the feeling that I am cocooned in my own small world, maybe it is the puddle of light in front of me that gives me that feeling.I find that riding alongside traffic on a separated bike lane has a special quality at night time, there is a peacefulness about it, a feeling that I am not part of the commuter rat race that the car drivers are most likely experiencing at that time.

I have seen bike riders at night who are invisible from the side, even though they have adequate front and rear lights, so with this in mind I am getting reflective walled tyres on my bike when I get new wheels for it.

Other bikes out at night:

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2 Responses to Night riding

  1. petermc says:

    Nice, I’d like to do a photo series of the track and the foreshore going from late evening into night time.

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