Newcastle Bicycle Infrastructure Win – Marketown

The entry to Marketown is easily accessible and quite safe by bike. The entry is well lit, bike riders can choose to travel on the path instead of the roadway and the two are separated by a grab rail/gate post.

The bike racks are well used and, as I leave, there are different bikes parked at the racks, people are travelling to the centre to do their quick errands, then leaving, their place in the bike rack being taken by other bike riders. This is exactly the type of bike trip that is being targeted for increase in Newcastle. Marketown is well placed to capitalise on this with its inner suburban and flat location, and it has taken full advantage of this by providing good racks that are safely accessed and close to the shops and to the entry. Well done, Marketown!

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2 Responses to Newcastle Bicycle Infrastructure Win – Marketown

  1. Stuart says:

    You are much kinder on the new development than I am, I find the new roundabout on Parry St very annoying as often cars have to do a u-turn there. I regularly and now find this road a lot less safe with this roundabout on it. I think the council missed a trick by not putting a bicycle path through National Park with the redevelopment of Markettown and National park oval #2. This would of been very handy for me at the least.

  2. Vicki says:

    HI Stuart, I can take your point about the roundabout, they are much less safe for cyclists than other intersections I find. I was only talking about what was inside the Marketown complex, rather than the approaches to it, which I agree could be much better than they are now.

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