Bicycle parking … some reflections

Here in Newcastle we have bicycle parking which varies from the artisticto the modernistic …and such racks are usually not full, as you can see above.

Inspired by Lovely Bicycle’s latest post about bike racks, and my own experience yesterday: attending a meeting at the Town Hall, about bicycles, and not being able to find any nearby bike racks, so all us bike riders had to chain our bikes to posts, and a handrail, I thought about my difficulties in the past with bike parking. I do not know where the council employees who ride to work, if there are any, park their bikes, yet it was they who are talking about promoting cycling in the town!

I have need to visit the local John Hunter Hospital twice a month and there are no visible bike racks there, but it is not a problem as there are not many bicycles and there is a very convenient rail close to the entry which displays the bikes beautifully …the shiny bars and the backdrop of steel and glass complement many of the bikes there and it is quite secure parking.

In the past I worked in a workplace in an area of town where I did not want to park my bike on the street all day, quite apart from the fact that it would have to be chained to a post like this, close to traffic …So I insisted that my bike be in the office area, which was quite roomy, and my bike was new and shiny and clean, I thought it added a to the office ambience in a good way and did not take up any room. The office manager did not agree, as the bike could be seen from the street and this was apparently not a good thing. So I took the matter to the CEO and he suggested the middle of the Board Room table, an admirable solution in my view. The eventual compromise, however, was a store room where it was hard to get into and impeded everyone’s way who needed to access the store room, when it could have sat in a corner beside my desk and impeded noone, as well as inspiring passersby to ride their bikes.

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1 Response to Bicycle parking … some reflections

  1. petermc says:

    Yes, those top racks look lonely…

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