Cycling to the John Hunter Hospital

These stairs on Carrington Parade link New Lambton Heights with the John Hunter Hospital, which I have to visit two times a month. The hospital is on a hill so no matter which way you approach it, there will be steep bits to tackle. This staircase would be much more cycle friendly if it had a bike channel beside it so you could push the bike up instead of having to carry it.

There is a parking problem at the hospital which they have attempted to solve by starting up a shuttle bus service, but it has not really worked. Making the cycling infrastructure better and starting up a bicycling incentive scheme for employees would work better, I am sure.

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2 Responses to Cycling to the John Hunter Hospital

  1. anniebikes says:

    We have two channels up the center of stairs at our hospital. It functions well but the only drawback is that it was a magnet for skate boarders so three inverted u-shaped rails were put in place on the three landings, thus it’s pushing the bike and duck under the rails or swerving around each to get to your destination. On the upside, when my kids were little I could push the double stroller up and down the stairway because the channels are the perfect width.

    • Vicki says:

      Annie, a channel up the centre would be perfect and if it fits a pram, even better! It is very hard having to carry prams up lone staircases. There is some talk of making a wheelchair ramp to the right of this staircase in the vacant block of land there, which would also work well for bikes.

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