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Upgrading my Speedwell

I have alluded in earlier posts to an upgrade of my circa 1955 Speedwell. This has now been done. I decided that the brakes, being inadequate in some conditions and being inclined to overheat on hot days when travelling downhill, … Continue reading

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Bikes in Sydney

Note the heavy lock used …I like the street art behind it …a study in purple … as part of a window dressing … as advertising, on the roof …

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Bicycle lanes in Sydney

Today I had cause to visit Sydney and decided to look at the new bike lanes there, especially the one in Bourke Street, which is long and completely separated from the car traffic.There are two lanes of car traffic, car … Continue reading

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Cycle Chic in Newcastle

All dressed up for work, in heels and a skirt, a relatively unusual sight in Newcastle.

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The bicycle as an art form

The first thing I noticed about this bike was that it was silver, then I noticed that the tyres were also (mostly) silver and that it had a flat… And then I noticed that it was not locked up. I … Continue reading

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Living Smart Festival, Saturday 19th November

This will be a great event, and you can get there by bike too! There will be free ferries from Belmont so a leisurely ride along the Fernleigh Track followed by a cool ferry trip across the Lake to see … Continue reading

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Bikes seen in Adamstown yesterday

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This photo does not adequately convey the heat of the day today, which feels as if it is in the 30s, there are heat waves coming up off the asphalt and the sun is quite strong, though it wil get … Continue reading

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Newcastle Bicycle Infrastructure Win – Marketown

The entry to Marketown is easily accessible and quite safe by bike. The entry is well lit, bike riders can choose to travel on the path instead of the roadway and the two are separated by a grab rail/gate post. … Continue reading

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Bikes at the Olive Tree Markets

I visisted the Olive Tree Markets for the first time this weekend and was very surprised and pleased to find that many people had ridden there by bike The ladies’ Gazelle is a very rare sight around here, I am … Continue reading

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