I had occasion to visit Sydney again today and decided to go to Newtown as part of this visit, partly because I wanted to see the bike shop there and also because I  lived there for some time and wanted to see how it had changed.  I lived there in the days before Newtown was trendy and I wanted to see it again for myself. Much had changed but much had stayed the same. It is greener, prettier but still the same Newtown. The traffic seemed slower than before, fewer huge trucks along King Street, which is great as there is a growing bike culture there now and bikes are everywhere …When I lived there I never saw a bike rider on King Street, but today I saw many,  making it much safer for bike riders and much more pleasant for everyone.

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2 Responses to Newtown!

  1. I lived in Newtown in the early eighties and braved King St to uni each day, not far, but hairy.

  2. Vicki says:

    Ooh, I must have missed seeing you then, I lived there all through the eighties, a great time to be living there I think.

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