Christmas shopping & other things

While I decide what to do about racks and baskets on my bikes, I improvised with my shopping today, it worked well for me, though I think that if I had a long way to travel with a flimsy bag like this I could end up losing my shopping.

I was pleased to see that I was not the only one out shopping by bike, and was parked next to this lovely new e-bike:I have not seen many e-bikes around the streets here, although I did see some in Sydney. I think they are great for those who would not otherwise ride a bike, and it was also great to see that quite a few were doing their shopping by bicycle today, at a centre which does not usually attract bikes.

In other news, it is wonderful to hear that the crossing at Hannell Street, which I referred to in this post, on Route 6 of the Newcastle cycleways, will be getting traffic lights, making it much safer to cross. The new lights will be completed by mid 2012 and will be set back from the bridge over Throsby Creek, so a diversion of the bike track will be a part of this project.

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