Kids on wheels

Seen in recent months around Newcastle …

At Bar Beach:At Adamstown (his dad made it for him):Islington Park:An e-scooter:At the Olive Tree Markets, The Junction:

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2 Responses to Kids on wheels

  1. anniebikes says:

    I like all the bikes that you feature whether they be old or new. Because I’m from the States I enjoy that you are blogging from Australia and I like to see what’s unique or the same, regarding cycling in your country. Pictures of children pedaling beside their parents shows that they are the future of cycling – something I firmly believe in. Keep up the good writing and photography.

  2. Vicki says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words Annie. I agree it is interesting to see what people are doing and riding in other countries, and I love to see what is being ridden in the States, mainly because I think it is more similar to here than, say, Europe, where the cycling culture is fabulous, but far removed from us.

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