The typical Novocastrian bicyclist

When I first started this blog, my aim was to reflect the cycling style of Novocastrians and to comment on how infrastructure could be made better around here to accommodate us. And it has been a bit like that, though I have to admit that my personal cycling preferences have gotten somewhat in the way. If you read my blog regularly you would think that the typical cyclist around here looked like this …or this …

or this …or this …And that the bikes that are favoured by Novocastrians are like these …And indeed, these pictures were all taken in Newcastle. But the truth is that not many Novocastrians seem to go in for retro, vintage or classic style bikes, and the more likely cyclist you will see looks more like this …or these …or this …or to be clad in lycra and out on a training ride (not that there is anything wrong with that, it is just not the sort of cyclists who I intended to feature on my blog). But I have recently realised that I am allowing my own personal preferences to select the type of cyclist I feature on here, while ignoring the more typical cyclist seen on the streets. I would love to see more people here riding bikes, that is one of my goals in keeping this blog, and from now on I will endeavour to feature more of the typical cyclists seen on the streets here.

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7 Responses to The typical Novocastrian bicyclist

  1. I protest! The lycra lot get plenty of airtime, go the retro and plain clothed cyclists. They are the heart warming ones.

  2. petermc says:

    I guess if everyone rode retro/classics we would be out scouting for interesting and unusual MTBs and riders to photograph … heehee.

    Yes, all bikes are good even if we have our faves !

  3. Vicki says:

    Well, I guess with the endorsement of two of my very few readers, I can continue to allow my prejudices to direct my blogging …. with the occasional bow to the MTB and lycra sets of course!

  4. adventurepdx says:

    I think it’s natural that you would take the photos of the types of bikes you do, as these bikes catch your eye and they are what interest you. Yeah, it’s probably not representative* of the bike culture where you are. But if you see scads and scads of peeps on hybrids, MTBs, or lycra-clad roadies, of course you’ll notice retro bikes because they stand out. Same thing happens with my blog: I see so many different types of bikes in Portland (Oregon, USA) that I only photograph and write about the ones that I find unique.

    So yeah, keep on taking photos of unique bikes. Those are the ones I find interesting!

    *I say “probably” since I have never been to Newcastle, NSW, Australia, so I don’t know what the scene is like. Come to think of it, I’ve never been to Newcastle, UK either. Or a lot of places named Newcastle in the world. Pretty sure that I’ve been to Newcastle, Delaware, USA at least once. There’s a Newcastle in Washington State near Seattle so I should try to go there soon. Maybe I can do a world tour of Newcastles? Anyways, I’m rambling…

  5. Vicki says:

    In Portland you would have many more cyclists to choose from than we do here 🙂 Newcastle is not a cycling mecca I am afraid … if that is what you are looking for, do not make a trip to here to see many cyclists, they are just not here, though apparently we are not doing too badly for an Australian city in that regard. I have never been to the other Newcastles either, but it is great that we have so many sister cities around the globe. Thanks for commenting!

  6. adventurepdx says:

    I wouldn’t be doing a “Tour de Newcastle” for the bikes, necessarily. But I would still like to visit your Newcastle someday!

  7. Vicki says:

    It has a lot to offer for sightseeing, if you like beaches, wineries and scenic bike rides and bush walks. We also have a fairly laid back lifestyle here, for a city that used to be big on steel production and coal mining. The former infrastructure for all of this industry now forms a lot of our best bike paths, so it has given us bike riders something for now as well.

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