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Review of my Brooks saddle

I had thought that cyclists were doomed to suffer that odd combination of pain and numbness which can be the result of cycling any distance on the wrong saddle, followed by soreness in that area the next day. So I … Continue reading

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Cycling to Beaumont St & the hassles of driving

We have had rain storms lately that have been as ferocious as they have been sudden, so when today I had to go to Hamilton and it was looking ominous I thought about taking the car. Then it occurred to … Continue reading

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Two degrees of separation

I rode into Newcastle the other day with Peter. As we were going through Wheeler Place I saw a lot of interesting looking bikes and wanted to stop to take photos of them …As we were admiring this one with … Continue reading

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Video: riding the streets and cycleways of Newcastle

A short video riding through the urban and suburban roads and the bike tracks of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Music: “Ellyn’s Melody” by Ending Satellites.

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Babies on Bikes: Part 4

This seat, positioned at the front of the bike, has many advantages: it allows the child to rest its hands on the provided grey pad, which also provides some impact protection; it allows for much chattering with its parents and … Continue reading

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What backpack, or bag, to use on a bike?

I don’t have panniers for my bike, I keep thinking about getting some and procrastinating about it, but in the meantime I use a backpack or bag for most of my carrying needs on the bike. These, of course, can … Continue reading

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Cycleways in inner Newcastle

This is an extract from the official cycleways map of inner Newcastle.  The offroad cycleways are marked with green dots and as you can see, the network is very disjointed. The onroad cycle lanes are marked with heavier grey lines, … Continue reading

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Vintage road bike at the John Hunter Hospital

As I emerged from the JHH today I was surprised at the number of bikes parked there near mine, there are usually two or three but today it was about eight, all in a row, mostly mountain bikes which I … Continue reading

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Vintage Peugeot mixte: the next step

We asked The New Recyclist to look at the Peugeot mixte for his opinions on what needed doing to it, due to his expertise in all things regarding vintage bicycling and restoration and his interest in this particular project. We all … Continue reading

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A study in black

This cruiser caught my eye – all matt black except for the spoke nipples, reflectors and name. It looked so new in spite of the matt black look. And the  simplicity of it, even down to just one brake, I … Continue reading

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