Another Speedwell – Brownie 24

Imagine my delight at seeing this tiny Speedwell in Newcastle mall today. The wheels are 24″, making it a very small bike, though you cannot really tell that from these photos.The decals and pnstriping are all in excellent condition, the light green of the pinstripes matching the basket on the front. The stickers are almost identical to those on my Speedwell…I had the good fortune to see its owner on it a few minutes later and she said she is going to do it up, though judging from its appearance, not much needs doing to it cosmetically.

She is quite small and very happy to have found a bike that suits her size. This bike and rider looked very cycle chic in Newcastle, on a delightfully miniature scale!

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13 Responses to Another Speedwell – Brownie 24

  1. petermc says:

    That’s really something, isn’t it ? Fantastic condition !

  2. Vicki says:

    It is a rare find Peter. She has only acquired it recently and she said she was going to get it painted, what a shame that would be, it looks almost like new! I did a Google search for this bike and there was nothing about them I could find.

  3. petermc says:

    Painted – Oooohhh No ! Hope you talked her out of it 🙂

    • Vicki says:

      I hope so! I was on the Giant so unable to show her my beloved Speedwell, but I told her about it and about my blog and asked her to check it to see what can be done with an old Speedwell. Hers is so gorgeous though, such excellent condition! I would’ve loved to get a pic of mine beside it to show the size difference ….

  4. anniebikes says:

    How lovely. Your bike will now have a companion!

  5. I love the Speedwell decal. Sppedwell also did a little bike called a Metro, which I have posted here I think my very first bike, a purple 26 inch wheel, was a Speedwell. This only occurred to me when I saw the decal on the Metro. Maybe it was a size up from this lovely Brownie. Thanks for sending me the link (sorry about slow reply)

  6. vis says:

    I understand a collector in Newcastle is disposing of some old style Speedwells soon. Do you know anything about this? cheers V

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