Vintage Peugeot mixte

My eldest daughter has just embarked on a restoration project of this newly acquired vintage Peugeot mixte, this is it with new gumwall tyres, the same as the original ones.

The chromed steel wheels look to be in excellent condition, though apparently these type of wheels are not good for braking, especially in the rain. This is a pity as I do like the look of chrome wheels on vintage bikes, there is something about chrome ….

Cog cassette and chain – there is quite a bit of work to do there …

The rack is still in good condition, as are the mudguards.

And  a slightly out of focus shot of the headbadge, in great condition, and also showing the state of the rust in the frame. The patterns in the lug work are interesting with their geometric details. We think this bike is from the mid 70s. The really fun part will be deciding what type of colour scheme and detailing to do to it, that is still being decided, with lots of ideas being tossed around at the moment. Cream with brass trims perhaps?

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7 Responses to Vintage Peugeot mixte

  1. anniebikes says:

    It’s beautiful, though a huge and costly project, depending upon what you expect from it. Indeed those wheels are pretty but not good in the rain. The other thing with Peugeots is the threading on the cranks is old school but can be tinkered with. If she is doing the work I know there is lots of online help. From other photos of bikes that you kindly display, I presume you have a local bike shop that restores vintage bikes. I love the Peugeot name. It evokes baguettes and wine with front baskets full of flowers..I’ll be interested in updates on your daughter’s progress.

    I have my brother’s old Peugeot though it is from the late 80s. I’m not currently using it. I guess I hope someday my boys might like it (fingers crossed) for a touring machine.

    • Vicki says:

      She is pretty good with tools and has replaced a few small things on it already Annie. She can do most of the work on it herself and her partner will help her, he used to work as a bike mechanic. As she is expecting her second child at the moment she will not ride in the rain till after the pregnancy so she is OK with the wheels for now. We do have some bike shops which will help out with such restorations as well. This bike will be rideable in a short while, then it is a matter of doing things up further on it as she has time.
      And a great idea to keep a good bike in the family too!

  2. petermc says:

    A nice looking bike with a lot of potential – I would keep the steel rims also, if it were mine !

    • Vicki says:

      Yes indeed Peter, they are too good to discard, surely there must be modern brake pads which would work with these rims, but all the online stuff I have read indicates that they don’t work that well ….

  3. adventurepdx says:

    Vicki–Salmon colored Kool Stop pads work best on steel rims. Still, caliper brakes and steel rims are not a good combo for wet weather. It’s a shame, though: old steel rims will stay true longer and last longer than modern aluminum rims, as brake pads don’t wear away the steel rims like they would on an alloy rim. (Of course, the reason why alloy rims are better for braking is because brake pads wear away at the rims.)

    Living in Portland, one is really cognizant of braking power in the rain! it’s the reason why I had an alloy/aluminum front wheel built on my Raleigh three-speed. I find that an alloy front wheel makes a world of difference.

  4. Jess says:

    hi Mum,
    Yes Ive just been looking at the Kool stop pads…. they even do a MAFAC-styled pad, with the dot-shaped texturing. I think that this will be what I go for. I do have a bike that has alloy rims and is fine in the rain. Its more of a utility bike, and yes, sad to say, the alloy rims are more prone to losing their “truth” my poor Schwinn was the target of vandalism while I was seeing a film, kicked-in rims, bent fender and chain guard, and a great big dent in the steel frame where it was (I guess) repeatedly banged into the pole it was tied to.
    Currently (fenders and guards removed) it has a baby seat attached and also harnesses the carriage – both of which will be in full use when the next bub arrives.

    The Peugeot will be my “my time” bike – so I wont necessarily be riding in wet weather anyway…. that time will be spent reading books or drawing.

    The only thing I see making me change the wheels in the future is if I decide to go with a 650B rim, so I can go a bit offroad, and do light touring when the kids are old enough to stay….at your place?
    but then, that endeavour may require new brakes too, im not sure if these will reach around a tyre that large.

    • Vicki says:

      It’ll be interessting to se how you decide to do this bike up Jess, so many possibilities, but every change often leads to other changes as you say.

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