Pseudo motorcycle

It is hard for me to believe that bikes such as this are legal here, but they are. So long as the motor is an auxiliary motor and below a certain number of horsepower, it is perfectly legal and the motors come in kits which can be added to a mountain bike. These are smelly and noisy in my opinion, but I am sure that for some they are a perfect transport solution. They do not require a licence to use them for instance. They can do up to 50kph and are allowed on bike tracks. Anyway, they seem to have made it into the mainstream as this one was at Westfield Kotara. I like the homemade rack on the back with its carpeted base, perfect for a doggy passenger!

The other heartening things about my ride there today was these bikes:These and the petrol powered one meant an increase of bike numbers there by about 200% which is very heartening to see.

And also, the bollards on the nearby older bike track have been removed:While it is a pity that bike infrastructure $$ had to be spent both in the installation and the removal of these bollards, their removal makes entry and exit to the bike tracks much safer and less nerve racking for bike riders. They were originally installed so that cars would not go along the bike tracks, but it would be virtually impossible for them to enter it anyway and nowadays there would be too much bike usage for a car to be able to do this.

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