A study in black

This cruiser caught my eye – all matt black except for the spoke nipples, reflectors and name. It looked so new in spite of the matt black look. And the  simplicity of it, even down to just one brake, I found very eye catching.

This bike was also all black, though the light made it impossible to get a good photo of it to see its blackness. In the above shot you can see very clearly the person shaped bike rack in metal, but the bike, not so much. Below, the same bike from the other side, a mere silhouette…

And the bike making many political statements, I could not resist a photo of this one below …

All seen in Hamilton yesterday.

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2 Responses to A study in black

  1. anniebikes says:

    That’s an interesting bike rack. Are those all over Hamilton?

    • Vicki says:

      No they are not Annie, there are three of them all together outside a small supermarket and they have the “water” at different levels around the person. But they bear a striking resemblance to the structure shown in this post, which is a few blocks away and which, although it looks like it could be a bike rack, never seems to have bikes locked to it.

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