Vintage road bike at the John Hunter Hospital

As I emerged from the JHH today I was surprised at the number of bikes parked there near mine, there are usually two or three but today it was about eight, all in a row, mostly mountain bikes which I am not interested in, and which my reader stats assure me noone else is either, so I did not bother with them. But at the end of the row was this ….

Some very nice features on this bike, but no hints, that I could see, as to its brand. Beautiful lugs and nicely painted in a subtle cream with a matte black bell …

I like the Campognolo gear shifters …And the vintage Brooks saddle looks as though it might be the original one for this bike …
This bike is a great blend of old and new: new wheels, rear mudguard and rack but everything else looked original, or sympathetic parts could have been sourced individually and added on. There is no headbadge or decals, the cranks and brakes look original (but I do not know enough about them to be able to source them).

I like this understated style of restoration and was especially pleased to see so many bikes, including this rather outstanding one, at the JHH. It is possibly the ideal weather we are having at the moment, summer but without the bite, that is bringing out all the bikeriders.

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2 Responses to Vintage road bike at the John Hunter Hospital

  1. anniebikes says:

    Maybe it’d been repainted at one time and the owner neglected to replace the decals or head badge. My husband purposely did this so his bike could remain obscure and unnoticed, thus insuring that it wouldn’t be stolen.

    • Vicki says:

      That is a good idea to deter would be thieves Annie, and if one doesn’t care about the appearance or the re sale value of the bike, and mostly people do not care too much about the latter, they just want a bike that suits their needs. That would have certainly worked in this case as the bike was very understated and non eye catching, at first glance.

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