Babies on Bikes: Part 4

This seat, positioned at the front of the bike, has many advantages: it allows the child to rest its hands on the provided grey pad, which also provides some impact protection; it allows for much chattering with its parents and it also allows the child to ring the bell, which in the case of my grandson (pictured) is every time the bike stops!Below is another one like this with a much larger child in it, you can see his knees above the handlebar:there is no pad in front of the child in this one, or maybe it has been removed, but it seems to work very well for a child who is at least 5 years old.

The best thing about these seats is that they allow for a really quick, safe and fun way to transport kids around, as they enjoy the view from the front of the bike. There is extra security for parents knowing they have their child in their arms as well.

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3 Responses to Babies on Bikes: Part 4

  1. AdamM says:

    I have a Bobike Mini+ that my 2 1/2 yr old son loves riding in. It won’t be the same when he’s outgrown it & has to move to a seat behind me.

    A bike shop owner in Parramatta once told me he was going to petition Standards Australia to have front mounted seats (not yet covered by the AS) banned as ‘they are so unsafe, in an accident the adult will be thrown forwards into the child’. Honestly. It’s the same sort of attitudes that resulted in compulsory helmets… It still makes me angry almost 2 years later!

  2. Jess says:

    Hi mum,
    Yes, if anything, I find that this feels safer (riding with. Child in front) I have had a need to swerve once, due to a child on a scooter crossing my path on the bike track, and I was able to “swaddle” my child with one arm instantly as I dodged the obstacle. I think that this shop owner with a love of complicating life with Beuracracy underestimates the maternal/paternal instincts to protect your child that kick in split seconds faster than any others. I also believe that Australian standards are so stringent that these seats (USA design I think) would not be salable in our stores if there was real cause fr concern.

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