Bicycles in Adamstown yesterday

Adamstown is an unassuming little suburb with a small strip shopping centre on the main road, Brunker Road. This kind of makes it ideal to access by bike. There is also a bike shop nearby and the Fernleigh Track ends in Adamstown, though at some distance from the shopping centre, and there is a cafe which hires out bikes at the Adamstown end of it. There is also a velodrome nearby. All of this contributes to bikes being a popular form of transportation around Adamstown. Some of the bikes seen yesterday …The owner of this one had his other red tyred wheel over his shoulder.

Outside the newsagent.

A family riding beside the bike racks.

The bikes do not often get locked up as the shopping centre is so small and friendly, lending itself to just riding or wheeling your bike along the wide footpath from shop to shop. To use the ATM there is no need to even leave the bike.

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2 Responses to Bicycles in Adamstown yesterday

  1. petermc says:

    The Apollo is like mine, but in better condition – it looks well looked after.

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