Buses and bikes

I have had two very different experiences of buses passing me recently. The first one took me by surprise as it passed very close to me and at some speed on a narrow lane and on a left hand curve in Hunter Street, the main street here (if such a street can be said to exist in Newcastle). It gave me a real fright. The other incident occurred in  a fairly quiet street on Hamilton. The bus beeped its horn before passing and gave me loads of room when passing me, and this was on a back street where I was surprised to even see a bus. The first instance really scared me and made me question why the bus driver would choose to pass me so closely. The second incident restored my faith in the bus drivers’ fraternity and made me feel much safer on that strip of road as the bus driver had clearly wanted to indicate his presence to me as a large vehicle passing can be very daunting when on a bike. I feel that the horn use in that situation was very appropriate and similar to a cyclist using their bell on a shared path.

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