Product review – Gondwana rain jacket

Given that today is a deluge here I thought it a good time to review my new Gondwana rain jacket  (the style is called Balfour) …

It comes with the highest claims including a 3 year warranty. They also claim the jacket is breathable while being waterproof, there are no seams other than the sleeve seam, which is very well insulated from water leakage. The fabric as a crisp silky feel to it and does not rustle when being worn. I spilled coffee on it on my first wearing of it and there is no stain, this speaks highly of its water resistance indeed!  It is described as a fully fused garment, welded waterproof and this appears to be the case. The zip closures of the pockets seem to be impermeable to water. I have not ridden in heavy rain in it so far, but I am confident that if I need to, it will keep me dry.

The fit is roomy which is what I was after. I bought size 14, a size larger than my usual size so I could wear layers underneath it and, although the arms are longer than I need, the Velcro adjustable cuffs mean that this is not a problem and there is plenty of room for layers underneath.  The cut is longer at the back which is ideal for cycling, it fits neatly under my derriere and there is a cord for drawing it in which is operated from within the pockets so there are no trailing cords to get caught in the bike.  There is also an elasticised cord for tightening the neckline under the hood. Water beads on it and it has been rolled up and stuffed into my backpack with no residual creasing…

I chose red for its high visibility and because it matches my bike and helmet. There is an embroidered logo on the front but it is not obvious as it is also in red. The lining has the appearance of raw silk with a slub woven through the fabric, in red and black. This jacket has many features, which I always like in sports clothing. The zip can be opened from the bottom. There is a small loop at the back to hang it from and the design of the neckline and hood means that there is some lower face protection as well as upper face protection due to the reinforcement in the beak of the hood. There is also a Velcro tab on the hood to adjust the size of it.I paid less than half full price for the jacket and at that price I am happy with it, though I do not think I would pay full price. I am fully confident that it will keep me as dry as possible during heavy rain, and though it is not a cycling specific jacket, it could well be due to its cut and material.

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3 Responses to Product review – Gondwana rain jacket

  1. Jess says:

    Ooh jealous! My son and I were biking in the downpour this mornin and yesterday and while his new raincoat kept him absolutely dry my old fishing jacket left me “clammy” like a used washing up glove. Nice find!

    • Vicki says:

      Ohhh, I remember the old fishing jackets, they keep our the rain really well, but they keep in the sweat too. You too are both brave cycling in the rain we have had lately.

  2. steven says:

    That’s a great rain jacket
    It looks great with the hood on

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