Bike hour in Newcastle

This event was a huge success here in Newcastle! There was a gathering at the Harbour foreshore, I was interviewed by Jill Emberson, ABC radio announcer, I met up with many friends, I saw a brand new handmade cargo bike, I met Mike Rubbo, bicycle artist and blogger, and I have posted my video of it onto Youtube:

Well done to Steven Fleming of Cycle Space for creating this inaugural event of the cycling community’s answer to Earth Hour.

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6 Responses to Bike hour in Newcastle

  1. anniebikes says:

    Are my comments getting to you?

  2. rubbomike says:

    Bloody hell, I wrote a wonderful comment and then this thing lost it whilst saying I had to log in with wordpress. Talk about discouraging!

    Anyway, I’m now back on track. It was a lovely event, bike hour, which allowed me, who knew nothing about bike paths in Newcastle, to discover that you’ve got some great rides. I’m thinking now of a film to bring them to a wider public.

    Also about using my bike art, which is dedicated to the beauty of the body on the bike, to do some promotion for Newcastle.

    • Vicki says:

      Sorry about the trouble you had commenting Mike, and thank you for commenting. It would be great to see a film about our bike paths as we do have some really good ones: Fernleigh, Throsby Creek and the one that goes around the Lake are the best. I had thought about making a film of riding them myself!

  3. Hey Vicki, anyone in Newcastle planning to observe Bike Hour this coming Saturday night? (22 Oct?)

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Steven, I did a bit of promotion and had planned to do much more but have been unwell for over a month now so won’t be able to be there myself. I’ve sent posters electronically to all NCM members asking them to put them up and to ride the harbour front like last time, I’ve also mentioned it to a few bike shop owners and was planning to take printed posters to them as well but this hasn’t happened. I hope a few others will join in and make it happen.

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