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Cool things in Hamilton & Islington today

These glasses, which the bikie who was wearing them told me are welder’s goggles, they are perfectly round and you can see my reflection in them, this was taken at the rail gates …he told me where he got them … Continue reading

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Bicycle activism

I was interested to read a letter to the Editor recently in our local paper … ” what is going on with so many cyclists in Newcastle at the moment?” and although the writer was not in favour of cyclists … Continue reading

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Hamilton hipster

Trendy baby blue Felt Curbside fixie – check Wayfarer style sunnies – check Converse or Vans shoes – check Tattoos – check Slogan T-shirt – check “1970s” jeans – check Fingerless gloves – check Stubble beard – check Messenger bag – … Continue reading

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Shimano nexus 3-speed problems

I wrote about the problems I have had with my Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub here. I had someone else look at it and he assured me that the problem was not with the shifter but was just an adjustment problem, … Continue reading

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Another restoration project: a 1980s Bennett

I had been thinking it would be great to have a road bike to take out on faster rides, such as when I ride Fernleigh. I used to have a road bike when I did triathlons many years ago and … Continue reading

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Seen at the John Hunter Hospital today

I especially like the sticker on the side of it, though I am not sure whether it means that this bike was used as a delivery bike for the US postal service. If so, their bikes are a lot more … Continue reading

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Throsby Creek at sunset

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Riding the Sydney Cycleways

Yesterday I had cause to go to Sydney and decided to take my bike and ride from Central Station to Kogarah, which is where I had my appointment.  I had a copy of the Sydney Cyclways map with me and which … Continue reading

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Seen at Broadmeadow station

I love how this bike has no decals, it is just tastefully covered with bike activism stickers. The black, lime green and purple colour scheme is captivating too …

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Product review – Gondwana rain jacket

Given that today is a deluge here I thought it a good time to review my new Gondwana rain jacket  (the style is called Balfour) … It comes with the highest claims including a 3 year warranty. They also claim the … Continue reading

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