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Rethinking bicycle infrastructure

In my previous life I used to attend many seminars and conferences, most of which were very non memorable. One session which I do remember quite well was about disabled access and how poorly it was thought out: the presenter … Continue reading

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Beaumont Street, Hamilton, in the late afternoon

A well laden bike …Cake …Bikes outside the supermarket …

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Bicycles as decor

Not having a garage and living in an older home, the storage of the bikes is always a bit of a dilemma. But the front room of our house has a disused doorway which makes it an ideal place for … Continue reading

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Cycling, and skateboarding, sights around Newcastle this week

I have seen skateboards being used much more lately, some even use them for commuting. In the photo above, the father is using a bike pump to drag his daughter along the pavement in Beaumont Street.A father and son riding … Continue reading

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Cycling infrastructure – Sydney & Newcastle

I was pleased to receive in my inbox yesterday an email from Sydney Cycleways, citing a cycling uptake in recent years of astronomic proportions – an increase of “82% between March 2010 and March 2012 – in many locations numbers have … Continue reading

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Some vintage bike love around Newcastle lately

First cabs off the rank – two Malvern Star mixtes. I was not aware that Malvern Star made mixtes, but I have seen two of them in the past week, this green one outside Maurice’s, which appears to be for … Continue reading

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Verona/Newcastle: a cycling comparison

Parts of Europe are held up as the best place in the world to cycle, and with ancient cities and a more compact way of life, as well as its non adoption of vehicular cycling, this seems to make it … Continue reading

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Restoring the Bennett – the highs and the lows

My restoration project is moving along quite nicely, but not without its hiccups, as can be expected with such a project. I used Brasso on the alloy parts with stunning results, here are the before pics (which I posted earlier) … Continue reading

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Wet weather cycling: where attention to detail counts

I had decided to wear skirts as much as possible this winter after donning my jeans recently for the first time this autumn and finding them too uncomfortable. With their tightness on my calves and ever-descending waistline, I felt that … Continue reading

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1980s Bennett restoration – the next step

I have begun the dismantling and clean up of the Bennett. It is the first time I have dismantled a bike this far and I am thoroughly enjoying the process of taking parts off it and cleaning, polishing and servicing … Continue reading

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