Wet weather cycling: where attention to detail counts

I had decided to wear skirts as much as possible this winter after donning my jeans recently for the first time this autumn and finding them too uncomfortable. With their tightness on my calves and ever-descending waistline, I felt that a skirt and tights would be much more comfortable. So when today presented itself as a very wet day and my still needing to go out, I decided to try the garbage-bag-skirt solution to wet weather cycling which I had read about some months ago …In practice it worked quite well …… mostly. The hem of my skirt got wet but soon dried out, as did my tights. I was on the lookout for other cyclists to see how they coped with the wet weather …

This last one, of course, is Steven Fleming of Cycle Space, wearing the Rapha rain gear he reviewed here. (This photo is not posed, I took it as we talked about various things cycling.) His gear looked good enough to win the unlikely trifecta of wet weather cycling: dry, high visibility, yet appropriate for most office environments.

Later in the day as I was cycling home, in the increasingly heavy rain, and my hair and hands were getting wet and my shoes were filling up with water, I thought of his attention to detail and how much more comfortable I would be if had done the same: my hair was getting wet while he had on a cycling cap under his helmet, his shoes were waterproof, while mine were not …I will be further planning my wet weather gear before another foray into the rain, I think.

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5 Responses to Wet weather cycling: where attention to detail counts

  1. I wish now I had taken a photo of you and the beautiful perambulator that you were pushing. Readers: Vicky and her offspring recycle baby gear as artfully as they give new life to old bikes. Anyhow, it is every bike blogger’s big wish that they should run into other bike bloggers while riding to work, and feature that day on their blogs. Cool!!!

    • Vicki says:

      Ha! The vintage pram with the whitewall tyres, yes it is cool, my daughter must take credit for it however.
      Didn’t that photo of you come up well, though? Definitely Rapha ad material …

  2. oh yes, the shoes. They are just plain racing bike overshoes, made of wetsuit material.

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