Rethinking bicycle infrastructure

In my previous life I used to attend many seminars and conferences, most of which were very non memorable. One session which I do remember quite well was about disabled access and how poorly it was thought out: the presenter showed us numerous instances of wheelchair access that was difficult to get to or to find, even in new buildings where it was not retrofitted. Visiting Marketown today I was reminded of this when I saw the bike racks – they were in the open, unprotected from rain, when there was a perfectly available and suitable space very nearby where they could have been placed under cover…

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2 Responses to Rethinking bicycle infrastructure

  1. anniebikes says:

    For years, in the U.,S., racks were placed without a cyclist involved in the process. Most city infrastructure also didn’t have a pedestrian/cycling branch. Nowadays, thank goodness, a rack doesn’t get positioned without a bikers voice,

    • Vicki says:

      That’s interesting Annie. Here it is mandatory to include bike infrastructure in new developments but I don’t know the guidelines about how that is done …. clearly it is not always done the best way it could be.

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