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Is road rage worse in the Hunter region?

There has been a series of articles in our local paper over the past few days about a “war” that is going on between cars and bikes in the region. You can read them here and here and here¬†and here. … Continue reading

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Review: Bianchi Pista

I recently had the opportunity to ride this Bianchi Pista that a family member has just purchased second hand. It had apparently not been ridden before his purchase of it. What can I say, it was a dream ride. By … Continue reading

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Bicycle bells

There is nothing like the lovely sustained ring of a brass bike bell, and my copper one, shown above, is no exception to this. I also love its coppery colour, which has weathered very well and requires no polishing to … Continue reading

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Hamilton in the late afternoon

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Innovative locking solutions

When I had to make my regular visit to the pathologist recently I had to lock my bike to this tap, it was the only available¬†way of locking up the bike unless I took up a car parking space and … Continue reading

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Cycling in a skirt

Cycling in a skirt and tights is pretty much the most comfortable way to cycle around town I have found.These photos were taken to illustrate some of the drawbacks and to highlight some strategies which can be employed with wearing … Continue reading

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Bike storage

On a recent trip to Sydney, I found it a relief to escape from the heavy, noisy traffic by walking the back streets and laneways. Within seconds, it is possible to be out of earshot of the noise of the … Continue reading

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Why NOT cycle to work?

I recently visited a friend who does not cycle to work but is very well placed to do so. She lives in a housing complex which is very well serviced with cycleways, there is a separated cycleway which goes almost … Continue reading

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Bikes seen around Newcastle this week: a study in red

The unusual frame on this red bike in Cooks Hill caught my eye. A red ladies vintage bike. A red top, and crossing the road. A modern red loopframe. Red reflectors.

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1980s Bennett Restoration, continued

My work on the Bennett has been held up due to the crouched position I was working in giving me some back pain, so I have slowed down a little with my work on this project. I am trialling new … Continue reading

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