Urban cycling

When I started having to use Beaumont Street in my transport cycling, I was too nervous about it to cycle in the traffic preferring instead to use the footpath, either cycling slowly or pushing my bike. Once I worked up the courage to cycle on the road,  found it to be one of the easiest streets to cycle along, as the traffic moves so slowly …This is due to the large number of pedestrian crossings, two sets of lights at the busy intersections, and the railway crossing, all of which serve to slow the traffic down to a very slow speed ….This means that I can cycle out of the door zone and take the lane, while cycling at a reasonable speed, not terribly fast on my Speedwell. I also carry my camera and take photos while cycling, though I don’t look at the camera and I have a back pedal brake, it feels quite safe to do this, and I have even seen other cyclists riding no hands along Beaumont Street. Most of these photos were taken while I was cycling there …

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