Cyclists around Newcastle this week

We’ve had some superb weather this week, just the weather for cycling, and yesterday especially, with cyclists everywhere, along with freshly cut grass, it felt more like summer than late autumn …

In my short ride from Adamstown along Raspberry Gully Track, I must have seen at least twenty cyclists.

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3 Responses to Cyclists around Newcastle this week

  1. Wayne Martin says:

    Where is that first photo taken? The radar looks a bit scarey and unfamiliar.

  2. Vicki says:

    That one is taken at the lights on Brunker and Glebe Roads, there must be a lot of cars which run the lights there. And also taking illegal turns.

  3. Wayne Martin says:

    Good to see, I cannot believe the amount of drivers running red lights these days, it’s best to wait a few seconds when you get the green to make sure you don’t get rammed especially on a bicycle, and yet you will still get the one to blow their horn for you to move off quicker.

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