1980s Bennett Restoration, continued

My work on the Bennett has been held up due to the crouched position I was working in giving me some back pain, so I have slowed down a little with my work on this project. I am trialling new bars on it, they are a pair I picked up cheaply at my local bike shop and are similar to the moustache bars I was thinking to get, but a fifth of the price, so I snapped them up, hoping they would be suitable …Currently I have the brake levers taped into place to see if they will work with these bars, and it seems that they do, although the rear brake does not work very well at the moment. I am going to get the gears and brakes adjusted before finally deciding whether to keep the bars, but at the moment I am quite happy with them.

I also picked up a rack that will suit the style of the bike much better than the antique one I had earmarked for it, and it also seemed that it would be much easier to install, but, as always, there was a problem and the rack is currently being held in place by a black ziptie, and is obviously not usable ….though this part of the rack installation worked very well …

The rack cost $20 and the bars were $10, bargains I felt, and perfectly suited for what I need. I also like to support the bike shop when I can rather than buying over the internet. As you can see, I have not yet fitted the rear mudguard. I have a partial solution for it which I will write up soon, once either I finalise the solution or run into insurmountable difficulties with it.

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5 Responses to 1980s Bennett Restoration, continued

  1. anniebikes says:

    I like the bars! Too bad I couldn’t send you my extra mtn. bike levers…they might fit on the straight part of the bar. 10.00 is cheap.

    Take care of that back, dear.

  2. Vicki says:

    I have an almost obsessive need to keep those original brake levers on the bike, Annie, I think it is because one commenter here said that Weinmann is a classy brand. Apparently these drop bar brake levers can be set up on moustache bars too, so they are staying, whatever bars I end up with. The back is fine now thanks, I just have to make sure I dont get carried away with working for hours on end on the bike.

    • anniebikes says:

      Yes, Weinmann is a great brand. Kind of like the Mafac one I broke. They both are old, but valuable to keep, so by all means make them work for you.

  3. adventurepdx says:

    Like how it’s coming along. Those bars look good, sort of between mustache and North Road.
    As for the rack, you should be able to mount it to the seatstays via clamps. They usually sell this particular type of clamp at bike shops. (That’s where I got mine for the Raleigh!)

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