Review: Bianchi Pista

I recently had the opportunity to ride this Bianchi Pista that a family member has just purchased second hand. It had apparently not been ridden before his purchase of it. What can I say, it was a dream ride. By this, I mean that riding it felt quite intuitive and I loved that feeling of being at one with the bike. It has a flip flop hub and I rode it in freewheeling mode, though I hope to be able to try it again, in fixed mode, sometime soon.

The curved and dropped bars I love the look of, though it took me a few minutes to get used to the feel of them and to work out the best position to use the brakes in.The brakes work wonderfully, operating smoothly and silently, without any grab or sponginess. The look of the bike is very sleek and modern, with its chromed finish, streamlined fork crown, regal head badge and welded joins.One of the lovely things about it is the silence of the ride, none of the clicking of an internal geared hub or a derailleur. It reminded me of the Speedwell before I got the geared hub fitted and how I missed the silence of the single speed ride once it had been fitted with gears.

There is no toe overlap on this bike which I also liked, and the fit of it felt just right for me, though my ride on it was fairly short.This is definitely a lust-have bike for me.

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